About Us

We have established a multidisciplinary Immune Modeling Center to develop mathematical models to elucidate the viral mechanisms of induction and subversion of type 1 interferon responses and maturation of dendritic cells by Category A-C viral pathogens. The objectives of the Center are:

  1. Develop robust cellular models that describe and predict the response of human myeloid dendritic cells to specific class A-C viral pathogens and their components.
  2. Experimentally constrain, test and refine the mathematical models.
  3. Develop a bioinformatics component for data management, model development, communication among investigators, and dissemination of models and data.
  4. Develop an education program for trainees working with the Center and visiting scientists. The closely coordinated research and educational efforts at four entities-Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Princeton University, Ohio State University, and BioAnalytics Group LLC-provide a unique opportunity to use computational approaches to advance the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of action of viral antagonism and to provide the foundation for improved vaccines and immunotherapeutics against Category A-C Priority Pathogens.

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