Answering Biological Questions using Large Genomic Data Collections

08/04/2009 13:30
08/04/2009 14:30
America/New York
Curtis Huttenhower, Assistant Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at the Harvard School of Public Health in the Department of Biostatistics will present a seminar at MSSM on August 4, 2009 at 1:30 PM. Click here for Huttenhower Lab
Location: Annenberg 20-01
Title: Answering biological questions using large genomic data collections

Modern biology has developed a wealth of high-throughput experimental techniques, many of which produce measurements simultaneously for every gene in an organism's genome. As the number of such genome-scale datasets reaches the thousands for many organisms, new opportunities arise to generate specific biological hypotheses using very large scale data mining and analysis.

In particular, integration of relatively small collections of experimental data has been shown to produce excellent predictions of biomolecular features such as protein function or physical interactions. Larger genomic data collections (e.g. tens of thousands of experiments) can be mined for correspondingly more sophisticated biological information, including systems-level features such as putative disease gene activity or regulatory cross-talk between pathways. I will discuss methods for retrieving this information from yeast and human data collections, including general functional networks and specific regulatory interactions, as well as experimental followups confirming several predictions in the area of human macroautophagy. Future work in multicellular systems has the potential to focus predictions further into individual tissues, disease states, and biomolecular mechanisms.

Schedule of Curtis Huttenhower's visit at MSSM
12:00 pm Lunch with students and post-docs
1:30 pm Curtis Huttenhower's Seminar

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