In Silico Approaches to Transcriptional Regulation and its Evolution

05/01/2008 13:00
America/New York
Target Audience: Computational and experimental biologists interested in transcription analysis Where: Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT When: Thursday May 1st 1:00 PM Course Presented by: Sridhar Hannenhalli Ph.D. (Penn Center for Bioinformatics, Department of Genetics,University of Pennsylvania) Registration: FREE Registration for Mount Sinai, Yale and Princeton faculty, staff and students Participation will be limited, so sign up now - In Silico registration Abstract:

Transcriptional control is recognized as an important component of the overall regulation of cellular processes. We have been focusing on computational approaches to a variety of problems pertaining to eukaryotic transcriptional regulation, namely, (1) representation and identification of transcription factor binding sites, (2) PolII promoter prediction, (3) Predicting interaction among transcription factors, (4) identifying groups of TFs - Transcriptional modules - that co-regulate a set of transcripts. (5) Investigating the evolution of transcriptional regulation (6) Role of post-translational modification in transcriptional regulation. Three areas will be covered in this mini-course:

Part I - Background: I will introduce some background material such as positional weight matrix, searching for binding sites, phylogenetic footprinting, and web-resources.

Part II - Computational methods: I will present a brief overview of the computational approaches and challenges as well as a number of applications, including our recent unpublished work pertaining to the evolution transcriptional regulation.

Part III - Web-based tools and resources: I will walk through a few web-based resources and tools to do basic analysis of transcriptional regulation.


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