System Biology Course Materials

Graduate level labs and lectures in System Biology, utilizing examples from Immunology research. These classes were first run in the course Systems Biology: Biomedical Modeling (G392) and in the course Bioinformatics: Practical Application of Simulation and Data Mining (CBB752) :
  • Transcription factor analysis (Gene set enrichment analysis, genome browser, sequence logo, etc.). [Lab] [Lecture]
  • ODE simulation and model fitting of BrdU labeling rates in B cell immune response. [Lab] [Lecture]
  • Stochastic modeling of IFN Beta response (Gillespie algorithm). [Lab] [Lecture]
  • Dynamical models [Lab] [Lecture 1] [Lecture 2] [Lecture 3]
  • B cell interactome, network analysis. [Lab] [Lecture]