Pathway Databases and Modeling Tools

America/New York

On behalf of PRIME (The Program for Research on Immune Modeling and Experimentation), we are pleased to announce our upcoming workshop on “Pathway Databases and Modeling Tools”. The workshop will be held at Princeton University on June 16, 2006.
This one-day workshop will highlight best-in-class software/methods from academia, industry and government. We will focus on existing technologies and directions for future growth in three key areas: 1.    Data-driven visualization and modeling of biochemical pathways and gene networks
2.    User-friendly modeling & simulation tools
3.    Construction of biological databases
The overall motivation is to develop better technologies to foster increased collaboration between mathematical modeling scientists and experimental biologists. Each speaker will make a short presentation, participate in a panel discussion, and demonstrate their software during a hands-on session (if desired). We expect 60-70 attendees including modeling experts and experimental biologists from academia, industry and government labs.
PRIME is funded by NIAID to develop data-based models of human dendritic cell signaling response to pathogenic viruses and to provide interdisciplinary education in computational immunology. It is collaboration between Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Princeton University, Ohio State University, and the BioAnalytics Group LLC. The workshop will be co-organized with PICASso (The Program in Integrative Information, Computer and Application Sciences) at Princeton University.
We hope that you can make time to join us for an exciting program.

For more information, please contact
Elena Zavslasky.
The PRIME workshop organizing committee