Pathway Metrics and Target Hopping in Tumor Formation

04/08/2008 16:00
America/New York

Target Audience: Computational and experimental biologists interested in studying signaling pathways.

Where: Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

When: Tuesday April 8th 9:30 a.m.

Course Presented by: Sol Efroni Ph.D. (NIH/ NCI Center for Bioinformatics)

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High resolution, system-wide characterizations have demonstrated the capacity to identify transcriptional changes and genomic regions that are associated with disease etiology and outcome. Identifying the specific genes within these regions and the corresponding biologic processes that are responsible for disease and its outcome remains challenging.
Using an approach that utilizes the structure of biologic networks, we find that a small number of processes are at the core of the distinction between tumor and normal tissue. Two metrics we introduce - Activity and consistency (a measure of causality within the pathway) of pathways can serve in diagnosis and prognosis. The discovered pathways are candidates for creating tools for predicting outcome and for designing next-generation combinatorial interventions.
The tutorial will demonstrate the power of the approach, using examples crafted to highlight the differences between standard approaches and the pathway-metric centered approach. With specific hands on examples of target hopping and expression profiling using process discovery.

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