The PRiME Web Widget

PRiME web-widget is a web application that enables bioinformatics data analysis tool builders to provide web visitors with direct access to data stored in remote databases. PRiME widget is a stand-alone web application that can be embedded into tool builder’s sites and therefore requires minimal or no changes to their website. PRiME web-widget is executed by a visitor within a tool-builder web page, and allows to connect to the supported data repositories (supporting RESTful API). The connected data sources then can directly be used as an input for the tool hosted on the webpage where the widget was launched. As data processing is finished, the widget will allow to submit the analysis results directly to the user’s personal record. The latter is possible if the user’s electronic notebook resides on a supported system.

The PRiME widget functionality has been implemented and successfully tested within the PRiME group. PRiME widget was integrated into the TIDAL PRiME web-based gene expression data analysis tool. The widget currently supports high throughput data import from InSilicoDB.

Below are the Database API requirements for the PRiME Web Widget for all interested parties.