Systems Biology of Dendritic Cells

04/01/2009 14:30
04/01/2009 16:30
America/New York
The Systems Biology of Dendritic Cells workshop was held on April 1, 2009 at the Keystone Symposia Conference Dendritic Cells - Program (March 29-April 3, 2009), a leading international conference that attracts some of the best experimental immunologists. It was supported by the Society for Mathematical Biology and the NIH-funded PRiME (Program for Research on Immune Modeling and Experimentation) Initiative.

The immune system acts across multiple scales of space and time involving complex interactions and feedback. Computational modeling provides a framework to integrate observational data collected from multiple modes of experimentation and can provide insight into immune cell function in health and disease. Computational approaches have been increasingly applied to problems in immunology, providing methods that range from the inference of transcriptional programs to the prediction of drug treatment effects on viral dynamics. This workshop will cover recent advances and potential applications of computational modeling and methods to dendritic cells. The speakers were:
  • Sonja I. Buschow, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences, The Netherlands "DC-ATLAS: Dissecting Signal Transduction in the Dendritic Cell with a Systems Biology Approach"
  • Laszlo Nagy, University of Debrecen, Hungary "Interrelated Nuclear Receptor Signaling Connects Lipids, the Genome and Immune Function in Dendritic Cells"
  • Uri Hershberg, Yale University School of Medicine, USA "Transcriptional Cascades in Dendritic Cells during Anti-Viral Responses"
  • Simeone Marino, University of Michigan Medical School, USA "Roles of Dendritic Cells in the Immune Response to Bacterial and Viral Infections"
  • Burkhard Ludewig, Katonal Hospital St. Gallen, Switzerland "A Systems Immunological Approach to Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Function in Cytophatic Virus Infection"
  • Elodie Segura, Walter and Elizabeth Hall Institute, Australia "Novel Functional Specialization of Dendritic Cell Subsets Revealed by Plasma Membrane Comparative Proteomic Analysis"