Systems Biology of Immunity (A one-day symposium)

America/New York

A symposium on the impact and scope of systems biology in current studies of immunity.
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8:30 Continental Breakfast

9:00 Modeling immunity
Steven Kleinstein and Uri Hershberg (Yale School of Medicine)

9:30 Why Biology is the new physics - Borrowing ideas from statistical mechanics to help with immunology
Phil Hodgkin (WEH Institute of Medical Research)

10:15 Mechanistic insights from the single cell
Matthew Hale (Stanford University)

10:45 Biomedical ontology as a foundation for data integration and computable representations of immune responses
Lindsay Cowell (Duke University)

11:15 Cross species analysis of immune response expression data
Ziv Bar-Joseph (Carnegie Mellon University)

12:00 Student Poster Session and Lunch

1:15 A Gene Regulatory Network armature for T-lymphocyte specification
Hamid Bolouri (California Institute of Technology)

2:00 Inferring promoters-based transcription regulatory networks in human and mouse macrophages
Timothy Ravasi (University of California, San Diego)

2:45 Coffee break

3:15 The role of thiol oxidation in T cell signaling
Melissa Kemp (Georgia Institute of Technology)

3:45 Variation in interferon beta expression by virus-infected dendritic cells: human genetics; environment; cells and chromosomes
James Wetmur (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)

4:30-7:00 Student Poster Session and Reception

Location: Room 110 Hope Building at the Yale School of Medicine. NOTE ROOM CHANGE. Registration: The symposium is free and open to all. People who wish to participate should RSVP to Uri Hershberg ( or Steven Kleinstein ( Registered visitors to the Symposium are eligible for Yale rates at the New Haven Hotel. Please mention the "Systems Biology Symposium". Click here for travel, hotel and other information about Yale and New Haven