Summer School on Modeling Immunology 2017

05/21/2017 14:00
05/24/2017 19:00
America/New York
Organizers: Rustom Antia, Andreas Handel and Veronika Zarnitsyna

The summer school is organized by the “Modeling Immunity to Influenza Infection” (MITII) Center, which is the part of the NIH/NIAID program on Modeling Immunity for Biodefense (MIB).

The main target audience for the Summer School are individuals who are early in their career (graduate students and postdocs), have solid training in the lab/bench-sciences, but not much mathematical/statistical modeling background, and want to get an introduction to modeling in immunology, virology, and related areas.

The summer school will start on Sunday, 5/21 at 2pm and will end on Wednesday, 5/24 around 7pm. There is no fee to attend the summer school. Applications are required for attending the summer school. More information can be found here.